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Sunday, December 16, 2007

well, I was released to ride, but:

The weather isn't being really cooperative! I no longer have a fat tire bike, it has moved on to another home. I never rode it and nothing worse than a bike that just sits around doing nothing. I was going to ship it to my brother, but it was going to cost almost $600.00 to ship it overseas to SE Asia! It wasn't an expensive bike, only a Royce Union, so shipping a bike worth $25-$50.00 would have been ridiculous!

Well, here are some weather shots from tonight. It's a wee bit on the nasty side. It's just a bit on the snowy side. No riding for me, and it figures.....I was just released to ride! Stuck on the trainer, I guess! We have about 8" on the ground right now, give or take, and are expecting probably another 4-6". If we get it, there'll be over a foot of snow on the ground and the wind is going to be whipping up to around 30-40 mph tomorrow. Snowdrift city!

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Look at that snow in the air!

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Slowly getting buried

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

As you can see, I have a good reason to ride the trainer! What kind of trainer do I use, you ask? Well, the answer is easy: The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Fluid trainer! Quiet, reliable and gives a great workout!

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Christa said...

Oh my....yeah, that would put an end to any plans you might have to do any biking, that's for sure.
Good thing the weather is better indoors ;)

Dan said...

I'll be enjoying my warm house today as well.

uncadan8 said...

Good to see you're back at it, Tom! And hopefully, spring will come a little earlier than usual for you.

Fritz said...

That's an amazing amount of snow -- wow!

Do you get American Bicyclist magazine? Joan Denizot (SuperSized Cycles) was featured in the Nov/Dec issue -- good article!

Tom Stormcrowe and Crazylady said...

Good to hear, Fritz! I'm glad for her! :D

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