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Monday, September 24, 2007

Temporarily caged!

I'm stuck driving for a few days at least! I had a wee crash on my mountain bike and have buggered my shoulder. It seems that 47 year olds don't bounce as easily as we did when we were 20!
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This stinks! It was a low speed crash, around 10 MPH in a set of tight technical turns on the outlaw trail in Murdock Woods in Lafayette, Indiana. My bike just went out from under me on some roots and crunch!


Big Mike said...

It's going around.

I was travelling at exactly 0mph when I overlapped my foot with the front wheel, stalled out and crashed 4 feet from the front door.

The inner end of the left collarbone ached for over a week.

Tom said...

But most importantly,
Hows the bike?

You'll heal on your own, the bike won't.


Tom Stormcrowe and Crazylady said...

Bike's fine! No worries there ;) Shoulder is moving a bit easier too! Looking good!

Cuda2k said...

Tom, sorry to hear about the shoulder. I'm sure you'll bounce back in no time. I got to watch a friend of mine go down in a low speed turn on a single track back when I was MTB'ing still. Think it was just too much of a lean in loose soil. He jumped up and looked around like he was looking for the invisable hand that pulled the bike out from under him. Heal up soon!

Christa said...

Sorry to hear about this. I hope that shoulder is healing so you can get up on that bike soon again.
You're still looking good though ;)

Bob said...

Nasty how those crashes can't take you out in a blink of the eye. Knock on wood, I haven't sustained more than some bruises in several of my recent upenders. My wife was wondering how my back and shoulder, hip and knee gotten so purple. The reminds me being old and diabetic isn't a good combination for rapid healing. Pups, hmmf.

Dan said...

Hey, sorry about the fall!

I hope you heal up soon. We should ride once you are back in the saddle.

Is school going OK?

Tom Stormcrowe and Crazylady said...

School is great! I agree we need to get together for a ride. You doing the Hilly Hundred this year?

Dan said...

Nope, I'm not doing the Hilly. My neighbor said he might do half of it - just the downhills.

MRMacrum said...

Sorry to hear this. I'm down also. The doctors now are looking at Lyme disease as a possible suspect. Oh well.

Tom Stormcrowe and Crazylady said...

SHoot, I was hoping you were going to do the Hills, Dan!

Crum, that stinks! Hope it turns out negative

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