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Monday, September 17, 2007

80 Million Reasons and More!

80 million reasons

The government over here have decided to spend £80 million every year to make sure that pregnant women
will eat healthy to get babies who will eat healthy.
I’ve heard a lot of bull in my days from politicians but this is just stupid.

More here, it's a great article!

This article makes a lot of sense, by the way. Christa has touched on some words of wisdom in her article. A healthy diet and a sensible active lifestyle will go a long way toward better health. It really isn't "Rocket Science" after all. Another thing, be sure to check out Christa's recipes over there at "My Swedish Kitchen! She has some great food up!

Cycling News

As a leadup teaser, the Spinner Saturday Group has topped 72000 miles for the year so far. Not all the reports are in though, so get me your mileage!


Menchov still leads overall

The Associated Press

Cycling Sanchez takes 15th stage of Spanish Vuelta, Menchov still leads Eds: UPDATES with quotes

GRANADA, Spain (AP) - Spanish rider Samuel Sanchez won the 15th stage of the Spanish Vuelta on Sunday, with Denis Menchov maintaining his overall lead with a ninth-place finish.

The Euskatel-Euskadi cyclist went ahead after the first climb nearly halfway in before holding off his rivals to win the 201.4-kilometer (125.1-mile) leg in 4 hours, 45 minutes, 59 seconds.



Christa said...

Thanks for the plug, Tom. I guess it bugs me when governments are trying to sneak into the fast lane to "solve" problems like this. It doesn't bound for a good future for their own people, just makes them look better for a while. Short term planning never works.

As for my recipes, at least some of them are healthy. There's been a lot of goodies as of late and even my waist measurments have increased as a result of that. Baking is fun, but I should really hand the end result over to someone else...LOL

Hope you and the missus are doing well :D

Tom Stormcrowe and Crazylady said...

Most of them are pretty healthy, Christa......

One of the reasons I plugged ya....besides being an internet Bud ;)

We're doing great, hope you and wulf are doing even half as well ;)

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