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Monday, February 20, 2006

Up in Alaska: Quick post post

Up in Alaska: Quick post post

Follow this to Jill's blog, where she just finished one of the most difficult mountainbike races on the entire planet! Drop by!


SueJ said...

We are defined by WHAT WE SPEND by this little quiz.

I could get 100% on that quiz and never ride an inch. Oh, but I'm "an extreme cyclist."

I could ride >5000 miles a year ... and be a "couch potato." Yup. You're only into it if you can spend money on it.

You're just an extreme cycling gear snob, not an extreme cyclist, by these "measurmeents."

SueJ said...

(Sigh, I forgot to put the grin after that... something tells me you're an exterme cyclist anyway :-))

Tom Stormcrowe said...

I figured you were teasing, Sue! Thanks for the comment! I tend to the extreme, yes! ::GRIN:: This quiz was just a little game!

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