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Monday, February 20, 2006

Good Evening All! New weight update!

Well, as of right now, I have lost a grand total od 325 pounds and seem to be on a hold status for now. It could be worse, believe me! I am still shrinking though as I'm building bone and muscle mass. I have dropped a full 24 inches of waistline and now am wearing clothes I don't have to buy in a big and tall store! OOYAH!

As a reminder, I'm primarily blogging now over at MSN Spaces, and the redirect link is in this headline! Come on by and join the fun! I'm running things there like "Spinner Saturday", which is a database on cycling and walking running miles and PHAT-K, which is a 1000 meter bike sprint, criterion style(short loop). See ya there and you can also post comments here if you want as well!


Tyler's Story said...

Hey man, just wanted to say congratulations! I am just starting loosing weight, and started a blog last week. I am choosing cycling to do it as well, you are an awsome inspiration, keep at it.!

- Tyler

Peg said...

T's on his way
making every day
Happy and gay!!


Peg said...

Hope you are feeling better T!! WEnt to see Carolyn over at the quill and saw you weren't feeling to good the other day or so!!
Hope all is well!

Peg said...

MSN wouldnt let me comment. :-{
Congratulations on your blog...You done well, kid!! ;-0}

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