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Sunday, February 05, 2006

My New Look!

Here I am! I gotta wonder though, how much weight loss occurred when I shaved? As of right now, I seem to be kind of plateaued, but my exercise is down a lot! This can't be helped though as I am still recovering from that pesky little Umbilicle Hernia repair!

Morbid obesity followed up by rapid weight loss can cause little problems like gaps in the abdominal wall, from the fat melting away, causing hernias. This is something that needs to be taken into consideration when you are thinking about bariatric surgery. I still think what I have done has been well worth it though! If you are a cyclist, you need to be aware of this and STRENGTHEN those core muscles. One of the recommended exercises for me is a modified crunch and cross-crunch. These will strengthen my abdominals and obliques. The muscles in your abdomen resemble nothing so much as a + sign with an X overlying it! Essentially, there are 4 axes of muscle, vertical, horizontal and 45 degrees either side(your obliques!) These need to stay strong and keep developing as you lose the fat! Best advice I can give! ANY increase in physical activity, though, needs to be discussed with your doctor, for your own sake!

As usual, the headline in this post is a redirect link to my primary blog, also called The Amazing Shrinking Man, over at MSN Spaces! Come on by and join the fun with features like Spinner Saturday, which is a bicycling/walking/running program for better physical health. It's a friendly but competitive atmosphere and all are welcome! See ya there! By the way, here's a cool cycling video!:


sister celtic said...

this was so awesome thanks really cool and you look soooo good...

Carolyn said...

Hey! There you are! I went to your other site and it's not up. I can't get into Christa's either. I was getting paranoid that everyone had ran and hid from me, lol!

Maybe her server is down.

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