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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Short, cold ride!

Wow, I forgot how cold - 30 wind chill is. I did a little 2 mile errand ride today and I'll tell ya what! It exposed the chinks in my cold weather gear, that's for sure. My gloves need replacing....the seams leak cold air.

My balaclava from Dick's Sporting Goods was a godsend, though. Neofleece and it kept the face and head nicely warm without too much bulk or sweating. It fit under the helmet nicely. The only thing is, it's the brightest orange I've ever seen. Good for visibility, though.


Dan said...

Hey! Long time no post!

I'm hoping for some warmer conditions on Monday and Tuesday, as I haven't ridden since early November.

I trust school is going well for you. Don't forget to look me up for lunch someday when you can.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I kinda over did the credit hours for fall.....18 hours was tough.

Willdo in lunch, as soon as possible. :D

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