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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

New Cycling Technology: Power assist for a recumbent trike

Well, there's a new breakthrough in Trike Technology.....the Ion Assisted Trike.

Ion Powered Trike

This new technology will increase the efficiency or trike usege and provide reliable high speed transportation at minimal energy costs./ Fuel mileage is estimated at 1200 miles/gram of Deuterium in it's miniaturized TOKAMAK fusion reactor. This powers a high thrust Ion Thrust unit.

This new technology makes for a fun and fast recumbent trike. The Concept is developed by Stormcrowe Engineering, and will be available in the near future....just as soon as we address that tendency to lift to orbit if the rider allows the steer wheel to rise at speed.

This trike will revolutionize touring as well as cycle commuting.


Dan said...

Wow! The missus is movin!

Mr. Michael J. Beninate said...
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Fritz said...


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