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Thursday, October 19, 2006


I'm getting a bit strung out in classes right now! Ah well, just under a week to go and the pressure will be off for a while again! This week, I've had three Psych experiments running, a major paper due, prepping for Math Midterms. I've also had organization of my observation Journal for a naturalistic observation set of sessions in a Remedial Math to observe the classroom dynamic. This middle aged student is getting a bit tired!

Now, to add to all this, my abnormal psych prof. asked me to have a power point and 10-20 minute lecture ready to present the preliminary results in one of my experiments for Monday. This was a self selecting random sample population survey on types and distribution curve of phobias in a group. I have to admit, though, while I was busy as a one armed paper hanger in a tornado.....I've had a blast! Soon as things slow down a bit, I'll be posting a bit more regularily again, with some actual articles and content!

Here are some of the upcoming topics, as soon as I have time to finish them:
Recumbent trikes
Post Bariatric Nutrition
Winter training
Cold Weather Riding in the Midwest

Have to go now, I have a midterm in the morning, Educational Psychology! I hear a textbook calling my name! Til the weekend then for Spinner Saturday! Keep riding!

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Fritz said...

Study hard!

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