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Monday, April 26, 2010

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Well, here it is, just over two weeks since I was hospitalized in Atrial Fibrillation with an irregular heartbeat, and I'm regulated and back in a normal sinus rhythm. I dad to be cardioverted (This is a synchronized electric shock through the chest...I was sedated for it, happily). Cardioversion is the normal treatment to restore normal sinus rhythm from fibrillation.

I'm also on many heart drugs now, as well as warfarin, and will be the rest of my life, presuming no adverse effects from the warfarin. Seems off to be taking rat poison therapeutically. It's to keep me from throwing a clot and having a stroke, though......a big risk if you are prone to atrial fibrillation or have an irregular heartbeat.

So, so far, the rehab is a few minutes a day on the bike on a trainer stand, spinning easy and never letting the heart rate go over 100BPM. I wish I could get out and go for a long ride, but the ticker just ain't ready for it yet. I fatigue too easily, and if I get the HR too high, or get too dehydrated, I'll be right back where I was with the resting heart rate cycling from 165-225 BPM, and hthe cardiac EV back down in the 20% range again.

Well, at least I didn't die..................


Unknown said...

Sorry to hear of this Tom. Havent been on B.F. for a little bit and was having a look at peoples blogs when I came across your posts. Get well soon and ride hard as soon as you feel better.

Boz said...

Wow, that's a tough one to take, but I know you will handle it with ease. What seems to be at first a pain in the butt soon becomes routine and you don't even think about it. I'm sure you'll be back riding like you used to. Be patient, these things take time. I know your positive attitude and knowledge will be your best weapon on the road to recovery.
Be Well!

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