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Monday, April 27, 2009

I am back on the bike, officially!

Sunday, my wife and I took our first joint ride, post fall. I'm happy to say it went well. Minimal pain from the tailbone injury, and it felt great to be back in the saddle again.

We did make a little stop at Panera's for coffee after fighting 15-30 MPH winds for about 15 miles.


On the flip side, Crazylady, my wife, got her first ride on with clipless rather than platform pedals. She did notice a huge difference, and brother, she's sure got one advantage.........riding a recumbent trike, she never has to worry about the dreaded 0 MPH tipover.

We're looking forward to our Summer activities, now. She has 3 classes left to finish out, and she graduates with her MBA and certification as a Forensic Accountant in July. She's been doing an accelerated masters program.....not fun at all. After Tour de Cure and her graduation, we'll be doing some touring around Indiana, I think.

I also bike commuted to classes today for the first time in months. I rode the Allez, and I gotta say, it looked like an Arabian tethered in a cart horse paddock locked in the racks over at Purdue among the Huffys, Magnas, and old beaters of all descriptions. It is true, what they say, though about all bikes weighing 42 pounds. A 40 pound Huffy or Magna has a 2 pound, $1.99 lock because no one really wants to steal it, and a 16 pound road bike seems to need a 26 pound lock and cable or chain to secure it, so all bikes weigh 42 pounds.


Dan said...

Glad you're back on the road again. I've done very little riding this year, and I blame both the weather and my mood - I don't have a great injury related excuse like you. :)

I have never heard of a Forensic Accountant before, and I enjoyed reading about it on Widipedia. Sounds like fun work. Congrats!

Boz said...

Great to see you back on the bike. Doesn't it just tear a guy (or gal) up not being able to do what you really want because of something you don't have control over? At least, now is the time of year to get in some serious mileage. I sure am, and I know you will, too!!

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