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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Time for Bicycle Commuting!

Classes have started for the fall now, and I must say, the weather has been spectacular for a bike commuter. I'm attending Purdue University now, and things are shiney! Purdue is interesting to commute both to, and around, though.

First off, traffic can get pretty intense on the edge of campus, what with the parking spot vultures, oblivious student drivers, and everyone being in a hurry. The pedestrians aren't much better either. I understand far better the derisive use of the term "Meat Pylon" in referring to a pedestrian. It's often like an obstacle course where the obstacles can suddenly and unpredictable move into your path!

One example, today, well, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I have to get across campus during a 10 minute break. This requires some pretty fast pacing to pull it off, and it seems like every walker on campus is determined to get in front of me and slow me up.


Cross Campus Route

The are a lot of bike facilities, such as racks, on campus,and a lot of cyclists as well. Fortunately, soon enough, the new Freshman class will get a little better trained in how to deal with cyclists, etc, and learn their way about campus as well, so they won't be so blind to their surroundings. Meantime, I get to ride with extreme care.


Frank said...

Tom, I hear ya! Bike commuting is rough here around the U of I campus also. what's more, the car traffic seems to be 'rebelling' against the onslaught of new students, making them extra testy towards bikes as well. Be careful out there and have fun!

-beingtxstate (fellow BFer)

Dan said...

I didn't know you were attending Purdue now. Cool! Now you know what it's like in my world.

We should have lunch sometime. Drop me a line.

Unknown said...

Sounds great, Dan! Willdo! I just have to get the new schedule figured out completely.

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