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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ride Report: Specialized Allez

Where'swaldo will recognize the Jersey

I took "Black Beauty" out for a romp today, the weather was so beautiful! Nice little 30 mile ride, and got so into the ride that I forgot to get the camera out at all! I did stop by my school though and drafted a cameraman to get this shot for me, to show off the bike and the jersey a bit

photo by Jason Lundt

Now that I have a few more miles under me, I can give a real ride report! All I can say is WOW! Where have brifters been all my life? This bike is smooth, handles crisply and responsively, and Mr Beanz, thanks for the good words on the Deep V's! I can't believe the difference 20 years of technology advance has made! Total time on the ride was 1:37 and felt like I was sandbagging.

Here is my route, below!


Dan said...

Nice to see you back in the saddle again. I've never heard the term 'brifters' before, but I'm assuming that they are the combination brake lever/shifter. I agree that they are the best.

Big Mike said...

When I got back on my bike seriously a couple of years ago I promptly started breaking things. Things which were purchased, for the most part, in the late '80s.

Early last year I couldn't tolerate it any more and splurged on an upgrade... 14 speed friction shift was replaced with 20 speed indexed "brifters". If I'd known they existed I would have gotten back into riding years before.

Now with the first carnival of the track season next weekend, I went shopping to tidy up the track bike and discovered that the top end tyres aren't made with silk anymore. Kevlar is the new silk. And I'm about to experience my first racing with a disc wheel.

Fritz said...

The Allez is a very good bike for the money. Glad you had a nice ride!

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