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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Here's another reason to take up cycling: Peak Oil!

Peak oil, now there's a scary thought. Have you considered how you will deal with fuel shortages, etc.? Cutting back on your driving is a good start!

Ride your bike on errands instead of driving that 2 miles. Consider commuting to work by bike. You get health benefits and save money at the same time!


Fritz said...

In reality, the oil you don't use only makes it available for somebody else to burn. I think there are compelling moral reasons to reduce personal consumption of resources, but the one half of one percent of Americans who ride a bike regularly have zero net impact on oil use. Which is a bummer to think about *sigh*

I'm glad you're spreading the word about this important concept. I hope we can be persuaded to do something before it's all too late.

Tom Stormcrowe and Crazylady said...

Yeah, I don't really expect to make a huge impact, but what I do manage is a contribution, though. The thing is The thing is, just using the bike for errands will make a meaningful contribution if enough people do it. More butts on saddles= less gas burned. I know someone else will just burn it, but at least MY options are more open than someone who does no biking! The other thing is, the fuel I don't burn may well be a portion of the amount that helps keep the cost down for emergency vehicles like ambulances, etc.

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