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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I had my six week followup today

I had my six week follow up today (actually seven from surgery) and Dr. Jones was EXTREMELY happy with my progress! I am truly fortunate to have found her for my surgery. I did a tremendous amount of research into Drs. performing this surgery and Dr Rosemarie Jones kept coming up at the top of the field! Her office can be reached at www.carmelsurgicalspecialists.com or email to info@carmelsurgicalspecialists.com ! If you are considering weight loss surgery, in my humble opinion; Dr. Jones is the choice to make(Shameless Plug!). Actually, to be fair, Drs. Cacucci and Gupta (Dr Jones associates in the practice) are equally qualified and extremely competent surgeons. I'm just biased in the direction of Dr. Jones due to her wonderful job on me ol' carcass! I also owe her a debt of gratitude as if I had not gotten this procedure done I doubt very seriously I would have seen next Christmas!


Anonymous said...

In not seeing next Christmas, we would have made sure to the best of our abilities that you would. We all care for you deeply as in love u.

your friend in life and love.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Thanks for the wonderful response! I"lltake support antwhere I can get it! I may be having a smooth time so far, but it ain't easy, I'm just another duck on the pond. It may look all serene and smooth on the surface, but underneath; I'm paddling furiously!;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,
MY name is Luan and I am your Mothers friend at NLYH. God bless you on your journey. The going gets rough and tough get tougher.
Mom is so proud of you, she keeps us posted all the time. We play hand and foot with mom and Jack tonight. Hang tough Tom.!!
Luan and Mick

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Thanks Luan! I very much appreciate your very supportive comment! Feel free to stop back anytime!

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